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Hustler : Gilbert Ayomire

Ayomire shows off some of his works.  PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEWhat’s the name of your business?
Gilbest Bracelets. I deal in customised bracelets.

When did you start Gilbest bracelets?
I started it in 2007.

How much did you invest in this business?
Surprisingly, I used only Shs20,000.

How much do you charge for your bracelets?
My charges range from Shs4,000  to Shs5,000 a piece.

What challenges are you facing  in this kind of business?
The market is unstable. Then there are people who import counterfeits, hence devaluing our products.

What benefits have you received so far?
With this kind of job, I have freedom, I bought land out of it and I look after my siblings. It’s promising.

How much are you able to make on a good and bad day?
I make Shs40,000 on a good day and Shs10,000 on a bad day.

Where is this business located?
My business is more of delivery and to get to me, you need to contact me on 0703803988 or 0774661227.

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