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Five years engagementTom (Jason Segal) can be such a clown. If everything else failed he would rock at that.  Just after his engagement to Violet (Emily Blunt), they move in together as they prepare for their wedding. But they keep on postponing it. And when it looks like they will stick to the latest date, Violet is admitted to her dream university in Michigan. Tom is forced to leave his job as a top chef as they have to relocate to Michigan. The moment they get there, he hates the place instantly while Violet on the other hand is enjoying every moment of it.
Five years later, the two are still not yet married while their peers got married and even have children.
Tom and Violet just can’t find an appropriate time when they are both ready to married. Their new home is not helping matters. So will they survive Michigan? Will they ever get married?  The acting is okay and you will especially like the spontaneity about the last few minutes of the movie. It is certainly a perfect Valentine’s Day watch.

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