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Superstar Kids talent search winner to get Vitz

VitzIt’s everyone’s dream to own a car. Right from when one is a child, they press their parents for toy cars and it’s always a wonderful moment to ride in a real car.
But have you ever imagined a child owning a car? Well, it seems like we about to stop imagining. Joseph Masembe, the organiser of the now annual Superstar Kids Talent search announced that the winner of this year’s talent search will be driven home in their own car, a Toyota Vitz.

“We are doing it again in May. And we thought hard enough and imagined the one thing we could give to a child that is out of the ordinary and we settled for a car,” Masembe said.

The announcement comes just weeks the “Superstar General” revealed that he will be doubling the number of children going to Disney Land this year.
Need we call upon you parents to start rehearsing with your children for the talent search.

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