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Date with a celeb:Singer Fille meets fan, Julius Kaziro

Fille gives Kaziro her music CD.  PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEMany regard her as the new kid on the block, but her biggest fan considers her the best female artiste. Fille meets her number one fan Julius Kaziro, a political science student at Nkumba University.

Hi Fille. Been longing to meet you. Just wondering how is your normal day like?
I wake up at 10am, say a prayer, go to town to run a few errands and then go to school in the evening.

What are you studying?
I’m a student at St Lawrence University and I’m doing a Bachelors degree in Public Administration.

How do you balance school and music?
It’s simple, because the days I study are not the days I pursue my singing career. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days I study.

If you were asked to make a choice between music and books. What would you forego?
I think I would drop music because incase of anything, my papers would bail me out.

What is your real name?
Fille Mutoni.

Besides music and school, are there any other activities you love doing?
I read novels, watch movies and listen to other people’s music.

What is your best movie?

What is your marital status?
I’m not married yet but I’m not single.

Who is that lucky man?
I prefer not talking about him in the media.

Many of us out there take you to be so proud and cold hearted judging by the way you look. How true is that?
You are so wrong. It’s just that I mind my business. I prefer living my personal life and one thing you should know is that I’m shy and stubborn.

You used to sing with the Rubaga Miracle Centre choir and now you are doing secular music. Are you still a believer? 
Yes of course. I’m a staunch Christian.

What food is behind that nice skin?
Posho and beans.

Do you cook?
Yes. Especially when I’m free and in the mood.

Didn’t you meet resistance from your family when you told them you wanted to join the music industry?
It wasn’t easy in the beginning because my mum thought musicians are failures in life but thank God she’s adjusting to the fact that she gave birth to an artiste.

Among your songs, what is that one track you did with ease?
It’s Not About Money was the easiest, in fact I did it in one hour.

How many songs do you have so far?
I have eight songs so far namely Not About Money, Where Have You Been At, J”taime, I Need You, Anjagala, I Love You, Mummy and Kyana.

Your first year in the music industry has been so bright. Where do you see yourself three years from now?
I see myself on the international scene, out of Africa and having collabo’s with Mafikizolo, Denique and  Miley Cyrus.
Why do you think you would have gone that far in such a short period of time?
Because I’m talented, and that I have belief in Edwin Katamba, my manager.

Are you the type of lady who takes long making up?
It depends how long you are talking about because some women take one hour, two hours and so on, but when it comes to me, I take 45 minutes and I’m done.

What inspires you?
Music itself.

Who are you parents?
Mr Peter and Ms Odette Rwibasira.

What should we expect this year?
I have a lot of stuff going on, I’m going to have an Unplugged show at Club Silk next week, and I’m planning my next album that is going to have great producers like D-Rain, Just Jose, Hannz Tactic, Benon Mugumbya plus concerts here and there.

Which artistes would you love to do work with?
Chameleone, Juliana and Rema.

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