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Confidence is key

You know in a city where people jazz about almost anything, everything, anywhere, one may fail to sieve out what exactly they should and should not hear. For example, just the other day as I took a random stroll, I had the unfortunate opportunity of catching up on this conversation.

This guy was probably coming from a successful evening date with this beautiful lady until they reached the parking lot. He offered the lady a lift home, which was politely turned down because she had her own ride.

The guy walked her to her ride which turned out to be an ML Mercedes Benz and noticing it made his Vitz look like a toy, his confidence levels dropped and he started mumbling, “Wow… now that is a cool ride! Do not even stare at mine. I have bashed bashed the ka thing … So this is how you roll, right? Cool …”
Now I really gave it for this babe and her level of patience. (Please do not ask where I was, catching up on this jazz… things can really happen when you are minding your own business, you know?)

Jeez! So the dude melted simply because the chick he was rolling with rolls in a different class? So what then? As I watched this guy lose all his confident swag in a split second, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the babe that had given him her time to share the same table over dinner.
What happened to guys and being as confident as the lion in the jungle? Yes, confident enough to understand that the moment one loses his masculinity, he becomes irrelevant.

But this guy’s situation is just among the many where for some reason, people feel they owe the world an explanation for not fitting in their supposed circles.
I mean, you have seen people complimenting another and quickly talking about their “would be situation”. Stuff like, “nice shoes… but tell you what, if it was not for that debt, I was going to get a better pair than I have on at the moment”.
Ahem. Evidently it is hard for people to stand comfortably in their own skin sometimes, huh?

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