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Building castles in the air

Once again, we are at that time of the year when we expect everything to come to a halt as we wish, dream and hope that everything will happen within the blink of an eye.
And please note that this does not leave out the cliché habit of “making new years’ resolutions”. The other day, I had the opportunity of listening in to this loud group of people talking about their resolutions for the next year and I just died.
I hear “I want to be as thin as a thread by my birthday and also be richer than I have ever been,” went one of them. While the other claimed that they want to simply get selfishly in love with themselves. Wow!
Now don’t we get pretty ridiculous as we make these resolutions? And how many have looked back and smiled because they made their wishes come true?
Besides that, how many of us put much thought in what we do as we set the bars up high or low amidst excitement?
Wait a minute; do we even ever take the time off to appreciate where we are before we skip off to the next step?

You must be like, “enough with the questions already,” but like they say, facts are bitter but true. Many times we do things without thinking twice. I mean what is the point of waiting for the 31st of every December to plan for how you would want your life to be? Why would one feel like the best moment to start living is at the end of every year only to get two days into the new year and realise that they have not even worked an inch at achieving all that they had wanted to?

Take an example of the above person who says they want to be richer? Have they even taken the trouble to devise the appropriate means to get to the set goals or is it sheer woloks… bandwagon effect just?

Anyways in my view, and I repeat, in my view, tomorrow is a mystery so putting the effort to try and complete a puzzle that we never even started is as good as taking a steady path through the wilderness only to yield nothing.

It is good to dream, it is also good to plan and set deadlines but putting the extra energy to sound confident about the unknown is just funny! We can dwell on the present and enjoy it to the very end. Like in this case, thank heavens we are alive, have made it to the new year and leave the rest to God without inserting lots of emotions, excitement, lies, basically huge castles in the air.


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