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The DVD:Buried

BuriedBuried is a strange movie. It is also different but it is its strangeness that will make you watch it till the end. For starters it is set in one location and apart from voices now and then, you only get to see one actor Paul Conroy (Ryan Reylonds). No wonder it cost $1,98m (about Shs5 billion) to make compared to $425m (about Shs10 trillion) said to have been spent on the most expensive movie Avatar.

Conroy is an American truck driver working in Iraq who is abducted and buried alive with a phone so that he can call the embassy or his family and help his kidnappers get a ransom.  But we don’t get to see that as the movie starts with him already buried. And for the first couple of seconds, the screen is dark and all we can hear are screams. That happens a couple of times. After a number of calls, Conroy is able to get in touch with a rescue team in Iraq that promises to get him out.

However, they can’t track his location using the phone he is using and have to rely on a number of eye witnesses’ accounts. But there have been many people in Conroy’s shoes, so will they lead the team to the right grave? The way the movie ends is nothing like you expect, it is a must watch.

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