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Get LowThis movie has such a weird plot, it is about one of those things that might cross your mind but you will check off because they are strange. But not Felix Bush (Robert Duvall), an old man, who like his name might suggest, lives far away from everyone in the middle of the woods by himself. Bush decides to hold a funeral party while he is still alive. He wants it to be just like it would have been if he were dead, complete with people giving speeches about him.

The only difference is that there will be no crying – first because people are too shocked and secondly because the community hardly knows him or anything about him.

To make sure there is a good turn up, a lottery with his property as the prize is added to the party drama. Frank Quinn (Bill Murray) the owner of the funeral service company jumps at this opportunity to boost his business and advertises the funeral party and Bush is hosted on a radio station to promote the party. What I found most amusing is that he also has a suit tailored – the one he would wear if he was going to be buried.

He also contemplates wearing shoes at the party because people are not buried wearing shoes. But when Rev Charlie (Bill Cobbs) is persuaded to speak on Bush’s behalf, it turns out to be something totally different from the original plan. This is an interesting one to watch.

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