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Aldrine Nsubuga survives accident

Soccer analyst Aldrine Nsubuga will live to remember Wednesday (November 13) as one dark day in 2013.

Nsubuga was knocked by a speeding car as he crossed the road to get into his car. Even to make matters worse, the car was on the wrong side of the road.

“I was on Wilson Road. I was crossing to the opposite side of the road, when out of nowhere, a car hit me from the blind side (since the road is a one way). It threw me in the air and I crashed to the tarmac hitting my head and backside. The car stopped immediately and bystanders and motorists rushed to the scene to help….” Aldrine narrated his story.

Nsubuga will live to thank God for being by his side, because even after the serious accident, he didn’t sustain any life-threatening injuries.

“I was rushed to Case Hospital and a CT Scan & Xrays were taken and examination to assess the impact and condition. I did suffer head injuries, but did not have any broken limbs or blood clots and the brain was found to be normal,” Nsubuga told us.

He added that he cannot relate the accident to any foul play by enemies especially since he is a critic about the way soccer is governed in this country. “The driver ran away but the car was towed away and the owner of the car came to see me.”

“…By all accounts I should have died on the spot. I am here to testify that there is a living God and miracles do happen. I will never be able to explain that I’m alive and well as though nothing ever happened.”

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