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Aisha Alibhai expecting


She might have kept quite a low profile and tried to hide from our cameras, but Aisha Allibhai will not be able to hide from our pen.

Aisha moved from KFM, where she co-hosted the morning show with Roger Mugisha and joined Global Trust Bank where she is the Corporate Communications Officer.

However, with all the fame, the beauty and outstanding events/ party hosting skills, Aisha had never really shown us her better half. She was linked to so many men in this town, including a popular oil businessman, but no one has ever come up with enough evidence to prove any rumour. We therefore congratulate Aisha on managing to hide her better half from us!

However, there’s one thing Aisha realised she couldn’t hide from us; she knew we would find out, so she decided to tell us before we could surprise her.

“I am going to be a mother and I am very excited, I’m due in a few months,” Aisha told us during a private conversation.

Although she was tightlipped about the father in waiting, Aisha revealed that unlike several tabloid reports, the father of her unborn baby lives and works in Kampala. Tabloid reports have been making rounds indicating the father of Aisha’s unborn baby lives outside Uganda. Some tabloids actually reported that she is dating a Nigerian.

We shall congratulate Aisha upon this achievement for now, but we are also yet to establish details of the lucky man.

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