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Weasel, fiancée Carol adopt son


Yes, we were just as shocked as you are; why would Weasel who has more than two children already, adopt a son?

But it is true. Carolyne Serwadda, Weasle’s fiancée broke the news in a Facebook post: “Good news from the Pearl of Africa. My heart Weasel Goodlyfe just adopted a little prince called Alvin, I’m so in love with our first born.”

We tried to reach Weasel several times to find out what pushed him to adopt the child but his crewmates told us he was out of the country, although he had posted on his wall that he was back home.

According to a source close to Carol, she had accepted to take on Weasle’s children as her own; “she said she was ready to treat them as her own because he (Weasle) opened up and told her he has some children!”

The source went on to suggest that by adopting, “It’s likely that Weasel’s mother, who takes care of some of his children and other baby-mamas, refused to surrender their children to Carol. I think that’s why he chose to adopt.”

We are yet to see Weasel’s newly adopted son.

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