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Connie Tiffs

Sometimes it pays to maintain your silence


Last year, news about a fairytale love yielding fruits of marriage hit our ears. With smiles, good wishes, a little bit of public opinion here and there, the wedding happened. Oh my, how we stayed glued to the local stations for the live coverage, of Princess Ruth Komuntale’s wedding to her “prince charming”, African American Christopher Thomas!

The pretty young lady, beat all odds to marry her Prince Charming at a lavish wedding that incorporated the who is who in Uganda. You know how we can be with not wanting to miss out on anything in the name of enjoyminology… ahaaa!

Sadly, eleven months down the road and the marriage has hit rock bottom with the two announcing its sudden end.

And believe me, I have no problem with the break up. I mean, it is not the first time we are seeing marriages fail.

It certainly is not the last time we are seeing people pay for the wrong choices they make, right? Above all, this is not the first couple that has failed to see eye to eye in the face of the public.

Not so charming prince
But when a seemingly grown up man, stands up to openly ridicule the word “adulthood” then there is every problem to this sad break up.

Given the seven-year age difference between these two, I would have expected Thomas to be mature enough to handle this whole issue like a real man, who was raised well (if he was that is) and groomed to suit any society. But to my shock, this dude started by startling us with the not so cool news, on the wrong platform, as if he involved us when they met, or consulted us before proposing marriage to the princess. Talk of a little boy who has no idea about his boundaries, hm!

Secondly, he exposed his disrespect for womanhood. Well, not only did he abuse, insult and embarrass his future ex-wife but he took it further to the mother and brother (presumably the only family she has). Now even if it’s for breaking up, who does that really? This guy is so ill mannered.

And in my view, it takes a man that is stuck to the little child in him to do all this, and not in a good way. Yes, the kind that would agree to have his own wedding at his wife’s hometown. The kind that will milk every opportunity to make money from the onset- read-sell off wedding pictures to the media, blah blah blah…

And finally, the kind that will use social media as a place or point to rant over his marital issues, on top of forgetting his real age and stooping so low to the level of a little boy.

But that aside, can anyone tell me how this whole kingdom, which should presumably have well established systems to cater for and manage their reputation let this mess get to such extremes?

I mean, even Sharon O handled her mess in the triangle that was Ivan-Sharon-Zari much better than the kingdom has done… oba?

When silence is golden
Is it rocket science to seize a reputation damaging issue and ensure it is well dealt with?

I may not be an expert in all this but I know that sometimes, it does not take forever to realise that when a rattle mouth goes around exposing how stupid they can be, the best thing for the other party, who has some brains, is to keep quiet and let them expose their insanity as opposed to using the same platform to defend themselves or try to make sense out of it all.

For example, when the public got up to a self-appointed search to look for the alleged mother to Prince Semakokiro, the Nnabagereka did not involve herself in the mix to defend her position and give an explanation, as if she owed us one and where are we now? We have moved on and the topic has rested for the better.

When socialite wannabe Zari Hassan went on and on about Sharon O’s affair with her husband, the latter did not retaliate by trying to defend her side on the same platform and look at where we are now …moved on.

Now, do the concerned authorities, in Tooro sit and see how best to manage things or it is a case of “to whom it may concern”?

Sometimes it is just best to let things go and just live by the saying, “empty tins make the most noise”, so you let them make it, and do what matters when the time is right.

It can be as simple as that. Otherwise, I hope that this jazz will finally rest(we have had enough already) and the sad excuse of a man called Christopher Thomas will one day grow up and act his age, as we move on to more sensible headlines.

The princess will be fine like I said; she is neither the first nor the last to experience this, right?

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