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The Track: Oli muyaye– van data

The Track

There are some songs that do not derive their lure from being charming works of art, but rather, from striking a very resonant chord with those they speak to.

This is because if you have matured into any form of adulthood, and you are a man, you have either been in a situation, or at least known somebody to be in a situation, where they wondered whether the woman they were trying to woo was a taxman, trying out their skills on his bank account. Or, if you are a woman, you either have been a taxman trying out your skills on a man’s bank account, or, you, or a woman you know, has been wrongly accused of being such.

So, either way you look at it, a song that does not only tell the story of a gold digging woman, but attempts to tell them off will likely move you. If you are a man, you may even cheer as the song plays. If you are a woman, you may jeer, either because you feel you are being wrongly stereotyped, or because, well, the fellow is singing some truths here.

Van Data’s Oli Muyaye is this kind of song.

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