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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The Music Video: Stay With Me – Irene Ntale


Stay With Me was shot by Meddie Menz under Mirage Concepts. The ‘eclipsical’ visual concept (for lack of a better word) matches up the acoustic nicety of the audios. The video begins off with Irene Ntale in a signature look of a neon dress, coupled with dangling ear pieces and a nice necklace, an image that projects a lady worth staying with.

The video utilises a single location of a nightclub/bar setup and milks it to perfection. The concept is about giving Irene Ntale this star-image where she outshines every extra in the video in a way that comes off naturally. There is that one moment as she walks by the bar counter; two girls casually dressed follow up closely by her backside. She is the solar girl of the moment as she swiftly walks with a glass in her hands, adorned in an open bust dress.

Another amazing pointer in this video is how the characters joyfully show they are up to a good time, not acting for the cameras or the sort, and how Irene Ntale stands out on the dance floor as a classy glamorous and independent fun-loving girl.

There is that funky dance of a trio that interlaces perfectly with the acoustic beats of the song. It’s well choreographed, yet not complicated for the viewer to give it a try as they watch the video. And I must say her wiggles in the cushioned chairs made her come off as a mermaid of sorts.

I only hate the fact that they cut out the parts of the video where Irene was being ‘dubbed’. I also hate the fact that the video’s end takes me by surprise, it’s not something you see coming, call it a visual suspense of sorts, it lasts so short, like the eclipse.

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