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The Music Video: Nkwagala – Bebe Cool

Music Video

Nkwagala is one of those songs where Bebe Cool has tried to give a ‘good’ a shot at making music videos. Unlike most of his videos, here, he tries to play around with the camera angle shots while making the best of the lakeside location in this picture-perfect HD video. The scene at Ben Kiwanuka Street brings the humanitarian aspect to the video, making a connection with the average Ugandan.

However, I am not really convinced that giving money to street-beggars is a portrayal of a good heart as one chooses a marriage partner. The video tries to weave a story out of the giving to street-beggars and it fails a great deal. A better option would have been, to bring us comparisons between couples, or a back in time shot of Bebe Cool through a past relationship being compared to this new relationship. Nothing in the visuals really proves that the girl is worth falling for (perhaps her external features).

Another creditable aspect of Nkwagala is the energy Bebe Cool injects in the video. He even goes ahead to try out a few salsa strokes. This time round, he is fully dressed and saves our eyes from his “one pack” tummy covered by a layer of fat.

But neither does the video bring anything new to the table, nor does it cast unto us a new Bebe Cool. Perhaps, if it employed a concept of Bebe Cool in a war zone, being saved by this particular girl, then we could have seen something worth memorising. It could have done better than having the same scenes of a picnic like setup -of Bebe Cool and the girl seated on the car bumper, eating some fruits.

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