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I’m giving Goodlyfe a chance to fight for No. 3 – Bebe Cool


More than a month to the battle between Goodlyfe and Bebe Cool, the two camps have already launched verbal attacks against each other! Mowzey & Weasel held a press conference last weekend and they described Bebe with all sorts of disses.

And on Tuesday, Bebe also decided to organise a press conference at Alfredos Bar in Bukoto.

Bebe started off by acknowledging that he respects all musicians but was quick to add that unlike his battle with Bobi Wine: “I’m number one and if I beat Bobi who is better than them hands down, it is really an honour that they will stand on the same stage with me.”

On their BET awards nomination, Bebe declared that he was staking Shs10m to anyone that can produce a video of Goodlyfe in the ‘main hall’ (referring to the hall where the awards were held)!

He made fun of the Goodlyfe saying they spent a bigger part of their press conference talking about him and his music: “ I request the Uganda Police, to allow the battle go on till 3am and we see who will still be standing.”

He told them to come prepared to battle as hard as they can to prove to Ugandans that they can take over the third position in the Ugandan music hierarchy! “I’m number one, followed by Jose Chameleone and the next spot is up for grabs because Bobi has no music!” The battle is on December 6.

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