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Comedian Muhangi, Galaxy FM’s Prim are parents


While it was a public secret when his colleague Patrick Idringi aka Salvado,and his girlfriend were expecting their child, comedian Alex Muhangi chose to remain tightlipped. Once in a while we bumped into Galaxy FM evening show co-host Prim and we realised she was gaining weight every other day, but we didn’t even know the two were dating.

Even when, Prim’s friends threw her a baby shower somewhere in Muyenga, a few weeks back, she remained tightlipped about the father of her unborn baby. But trust the power of excitement of getting a baby. When the baby was born, everything came out immediately!

Prim gave birth to a healthy baby girl at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Both Prim and the baby are okay. However, even then, Muhangi, just posted “I repeat, am very happy!” It was Muhangi’s closest friends that broke the news through congratulatory messages on his Facebook wall.

By press time, the comedian was still looking for a “cool” name for his daughter, Muhangi argued that “kikiga” names might not be very easy to adjust to “Facebook and Twitter” standards! Congs Muhangi and Prim.

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