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The Track: Oli Mbuzi – Don MC and Otrix

Don MC

This is crazy music, as we have all come to expect from somebody of Don MC’s stature. On the very onset, the fellow, and whomever he is featuring on the track, is throwing insults around. But he says he is not insulting anybody. He is only giving them a talk.

He goes on a ride, mentioning perpetrators of evil practices in society, and then likens them to one of the slowest witted animals we know; a goat! Of these, he mentions employers that do not pay their workers, public officials that steal funds, rapists, murderers, parents who dump children away in toilets, fake religious leaders who mislead the faithful, thieves, robbers and many others, that they are all goats. The producer even gets the time to add a goat sound on the song.

Oli Mbuzi is not exactly the best sounding track on the entertainment circuit. But it draws its appeal from the ability to crack a listener up, either into laughter or bewilderment. So it is that many will draw relate with it, and sing it out, say whenever they feel somebody is acting like a goat. And Don MC and his boys can surely take that to the bank.

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