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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The Music Video: We Are Their Problem – Iryn Namubiru and Kalifa Aganaga


The good thing about this music video is that it brings out the other side of Iryn Namubiru that I had always suspected. Honestly, they could make a good couple, Iryn and Kalifa Aganaga, one playing as a cowboy and another playing as a bad girl. The two visually connect in the video and the set up makes it possible for the two faces to play all at once but in a unique format. Even though the art of having various people seated on the rooftop of the building has been done before in music videos, it gets redefined in this one. And the two artistes’ costumes bring out the message they are trying to sing about.

The bad side is that the video is shadowy and full of many dark spots. One does not get the close-up shots of Iryn and Kalifa, which would have enhanced something on the star-aspect of the video. Nothing is unique about the dances, they are the same over-used dance strokes in our music videos, and that kills the dance-aspect.

The ugly part with this video is the amateurish camera work and make up. The guy behind the camera tries to play with the movement to bring about the “madness” factor, zooming in and out and shifting it fast from side to side. And do they know something about make-up for the video personalities or is it the problem of those featuring in the video?

The fact that it’s another of those average Ugandan videos is Iryn and Kalifa’s problem, it under-delivers. And why drag the poor puppy into these problems, I still did not get why Iryn had to pose around with that puppy. There is something amiss about this video, it’s rushed and poorly planned.

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