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The Movie: R.I.P.D


Starring: Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker and Stephanie Szostak
Director: Robert Schwentke
Genre: Supernatural/comedy
Running time: 96 minutes
Now showing at Cineplex Cinema

They say they are the two greatest cops that ever died and came back to life, so they are R.I.P.D, but this is something you will find out towards the end of the movie.

Before that, the two law keepers are Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds who play Boston Police Department Detectives Nick Walker and Bobby Hayes respectively. Beyond being job buddies, they have a secret that bonds them.

They stole while on duty. And it was not something cheap. They stole a chest full of gold and this was during a drug bust. Walker buries his share of the gold in his backyard.

His plan is to use it to create a better life for himself and his wife, Julia. But something deep inside is not right. He keeps thinking about himself as a thief and cannot contain it anymore, so he tells his buddy Hayes.

In fact he intends to return the gold. Hayes is shocked and he no longer considers Walker a friend. He fears Walker will go as far as confessing to their supervisor. He decides to do him in and this is during a raid on a warehouse.

When the two former friends get into a shootout with criminals, Hayes kills his colleague to prevent him from returning the gold, and frames one of the criminals for the murder. This is how we get R.I.P.D cops.

It is a movie of revenge and you will find something comical to tickle you.

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