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The DVD: Change Up


Are there people whose life seems like an endless blast that they make you wish you could exchange lives with them? That is what best friends Dave (Jason Bateman) and Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) think of each other’s lives. The two actors suit their roles perfectly.

Dave is a married lawyer with children and a lovely wife. Mitch has failed to find a job, he is also single and is moving out with one girl after another. He sleeps in whenever he wants and seems to be having fun all the time. Mysteriously, their wish to exchange lives comes true. The drama that results is to kill for. It is so funny seeing each of them try to be the other. For some scenes you need to pause, have a good laugh and then play.

Shortly after the switch up, it dawns on the two that their lives were perfect the way they were. But going back to their original lives is not as easy as they think.

The lesson from this is that however glossy one’s life might seem, it has a bad side and life is what you make it. But even that is driven home in the most hilarious of ways. So you will just laugh, laugh and laugh but still get the point.

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