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Ruyonga confesses to fathering child out of wedlock, says he’s sorry


Gospel rapper Edwin Ruyonga at a recent function. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa.

First it was Ben Mwine, former Power FM Station Manager, who, after being outed by a local tabloid, was forced to step up in Watoto Church and confess to fathering a son out of wedlock. Like we reported: “Accompanied to the pulpit by Gary Skinner, the Senior Pastor at Watoto Church and a host of other church leaders, Mwine repented for his misdeeds that resulted in the birth of a son out of wedlock.”

Christian Rapper Edwin Ruyonga however did not wait for a tabloid to “expose” him. The urban gospel rapper took to his blog today “to address something that many around me may or may not have heard.” Ruyonga proceeded to confess fathering a child out of wedlock. Only, he did not put it that starkly but rather made the revelation poetically, which is not that surprising considering that most of us know him for the clever wordplay in his songs.

This is what he said: “I and the lady I am very much in love with are having a baby. I and the lady I am very much in love with are getting married. These events have not happened in the right and proper order.”

At least he is marrying the lady he had a child with! This is unlike his brother-in-Christ Ben Mwine who – and we are taking the outing tabloid’s word on this – dumped the mother of his son and moved on. But it’s all good anyway: the good man stepped up on a pulpit and confessed, asking for God’s forgiveness and for that of his fellow Christians.

Ruyonga too is asking for your forgiveness, although he also wants you to know that he is not sorry for having a baby.

“I am sorry to the fans and those who are and will be disappointed in our actions, and rightly so. I am however not sorry that we are having a baby. I am not sorry about who I am having the baby with. I am only sorry that we did not wait and do it at the right and appropriate time. There is no excuse for that.”

The full post, which ends on a positive note, is here. He says he is “toning down on active involvement on the music platform as an artiste.” He is also preparing to introduce his girlfriend and mother of his child, and asks that you/we respect his privacy.

Way to go, Ruyonga.

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