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Bebe loses money in scuffle at Kokodiosis concert


Singer Bebe Cool’s Kokodiosis album launch concerts held last weekend, were all well attended events. Thousands thronged Kyadondo Rugby Grounds as well as Satelite Beach Mukono and Freedom City. Bebe on the other hand did not disappoint as he stepped out with one major aim – to entertain.

However, the maiden show at Kyadondo didn’t not end without drama as the Police surrounded Bebe and blocked him from driving out of Kyadondo claiming he hadn’t paid them. “I paid your boss Shs 1.5m and you have no right to block me well knowing I have lots of money in my car,” Bebe shouted out at the cops who had locked the gate. The singer then knocked the gate and drove away! In his defence, Bebe told us that he decided to drive through because some people in his car alerted him that one of the bags with money had been pulled out during the scuffle. “I lost so much money in front of the police. They even stole receipts, so I can’t clear things with URA,” he said.

Bebe told us he reported a case at CPS and is awaiting a response.

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