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The Track: Mpangira – Pastor Wilson Bugembe

Bugembe Review

As ever in these things, where a very secular lesson is used to deliver a spiritual message, there is always the fear of one getting misinterpreted. And after years of building himself a name from such forms of art, you start to fear that maybe, just maybe, Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Mpangira, may not exactly convey the spirituality it is meant to, to the heathen in need of salvation.

Again, he is singing about a girl that he is trying to woo, this time using proxies, just like God tried to get us to turn back to his ways through the myriad prophets, across the ages. He sings about how every time he has sent messengers, they have been turned away, or, the messengers have instead tried to take girl for themselves, just like false prophets and fake pastors do today.

But well, apart from the fact that it is Pastor Bugembe singing, which assures us that there is a spiritual undertone lurking about somewhere, there is very little in the song to show that, until after the bridge, by which time one is not exactly looking for ‘message.’ And so many a ‘ghetto yut’ will likely sing along to Mpangira, with their minds set on actually getting some girl out there, not turning themselves to God.

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