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Hustler: Simon Bamulanzeki


Job description?
I ride a boda boda.

How much did you buy your motorcycle?

Where did you get the money?
I was previously a builder and I saved the money I was getting to buy this motocycle.

When did you start this job?
I started in 2006.

What challenges do you face in this kind of business?
We are always bothered by policemen who want bribes. This business is risky for some of us who work at night because thugs steal our motorcycles and in many cases kill us. The escalating fuel prices also hinder this business.

What are the benefits have you got out of this business?
I’m able to educate my child, I look after my family and I pay rent.

How much do you get on a good and bad day?
I get Shs50,000 on a good day and Shs20,000 on a bad one.

What are your rates?
The least we charge is Shs1,000 and for the highest amount, it depends on the journey, for example, from our stage to town, we charge Shs8,000 to Shs10,000.

Where is your stage located?
It’s called Tapioca stage on Namugongo Road.

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