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Gadget: Tecno L3


Just two weeks old, the Tecno L3 is one of the latest smart phones on the market.

• Just like Tecno’s Phatom F7, Tecno L3 is a mini-office for the fast-moving corporates and other users. You can print and process word documents, send/receive e-mail, store documents and records and also catch up on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

• It has fast Internet speed, which can also be shared with other devices through WiFi.

• It has more than 800 apps to suite your usage.

• It comes with internal memory of 4GB, plus RAM of 512 MB.

• It has an autofocus camera with in-built capacity of 5.0 megapix.

• Unlike most smart phones whose batteries barely last a day, the L3 can be used for up to four days.

• It comes with free pouch (cover).

• It has high screen resolution.

• With its dual sim card slots, you don’t need to carry two phones.

• It also has a radio and video recorder.

• The device comes with 12 months warranty.

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