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Fashion tip : G-SHOCK WATCHES

G clock

G clock

Colour on your wrist

Your accessory choice could either kill your outfit, or make it. One of the easiest accessories to try out is the watch. Now forget the rather exorbitant Rolex. The G-shock is the latest watch to hit not just the world of the a-listers, but also the world of fashion. What makes this watch outstanding is the fact that it’s available in various colours and one can choose them depending on how they want them to blend with their outfit.

For instance, if you are wearing an all-white outfit, then you could decide to add some colour to the ensemble by wearing a neon green G-shock. The G-shock moves from being an ordinary accessory, and turns to a fashion statement for its wearer.

These colourful and trendy watches however come at a price. They are quite pricey, starting at Shs250,000 to Shs500,000 in uptown boutiques but you can get yourself an imitation starting from about Shs35,000 to Shs90,000.
Unlike other watches, the blend in element makes it important for one to ensure that this watch blends in with the other items, majorly because it’s coloured.

The other outstanding element about this accessory is that it can be worn by both men and women, with no needed specifications for either gender.

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