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The track: Zuukuka – Benezeri


This is not just a song. It is something of a polemic, with one discontented young man, reaching out for the microphone and attempting to shake up his generation out of the slumber that he fears will sink them. For that reason, one looks at Benezeri’s song in two ways, as a piece of art, and a form of activism.

There are serious themes going on here. He raps about corruption and for a second, you start to think somebody is reading out to you the Black Monday publication, to a hip-hop beat. He is talking about MPs and thieving public officials, about politics becoming a business and not as a service of the people.

After watching the older generation, the likes of Hon Miria Matembe and Bishop Zac Niringiye talking about corruption, and still not giving much of a damn, you think may be watching one of their own put it into song will move today’s young people into taking it seriously.

Zuukuka’s strong points are its ability to bring down serious social themes into mainstream art. As a song for listening pleasure though, it could use a little more coherence, and a catchier, more charming chorus line.

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