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The Movie: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

The Movie

Starring: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bowe, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Director: Harald Zwart
Genre: Adventure/fantasy
Running time: 130 minutes
Now showing at Cinema Magic, Metroplex Naalya

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones will be taking you on an adventure trip as a young girl, Clary Fray, realises that she is part of a long line of demon-slayers. She is a resident of New York City.

While on one of her outings she begins seeing strange symbols that seem to link events to her mother who has recently passed away. After their nightclub experience she discovers she can see things that others cannot. She witnesses a murder of a man at the hands of another. Interestingly, it is only her able to see this.

Fray returns home and finds a note from her friend who warns her that there is someone after her life. The note does not explain further. Immediately she has read the note, she is attacked by demons. When she regains her consciousness she tries to go out to find some answers to why she was attacked. She discovers a group of shadow-hunters, who introduce her to a dangerous alternate New York called “Downworld”.

It is a force of demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and other deadly creatures. Could they be the ones that have recently attacked her?

This movie is an adaptation of a book by author Cassandra Clare. While shopping the film prospect around, the author had difficulty finding a studio interested in making a film with a female in the lead role. Studios asked her to switch the lead to a male character, which she refused. In December 2010, it was announced that Lily Collins had been cast in the role of Clary Fray.

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