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Give Kiprotich’s wife a break

Kiprotich's wife

Patricia Cherop. Kiprotich’s wife

Once upon a time a certain down to earth and unknown couple existed. They had their own lifestyle, dreams, attitude to life and nobody gave a hoot about any of it.

However, after a series of challenges, the husband became a celebrity after he won gold for his country Uganda at the Olympics.
As a common case, Ugandans went bananas and exploited this chance to promote their brands, get recognised, etc. And of course the usual wiseacre   did not miss in the picture.  An immediate makeover was arranged for this couple with emphasis on the wife and didn’t we all fall in love with her new look?

But then, this talented man won another gold medal and startled us further.  His wife, a new mother at that, showed up once again to welcome back her husband, Stephen Kiprotich, clad in a suit and a pair of sneakers.
And guess what? All hell broke loose. Everybody focused on her outfit as opposed to the main reason behind her presence at the airport.
For starters, who was there when these two started their journey? Who encouraged Kiprotich and saw him through all his challenges? Who even saw him off or bid him farewell at the airport as he left to compete for the gold medals? And suppose it was the wife, who even paid attention to her outfit as she sent him off?

Then, does everyone think that the Kiprotich couple is too slow to realise the effect that the much-talked about makeover had on them? And if they wanted to stick to it, would it be too hard for them to ensure that it is maintained? Has anyone taken the time to wonder why after that makeover, she still stuck to her untreated hair, oversized suit and pair of sneakers? Is it hard for everyone to see the beautiful lesson behind this whole picture?

I mean people have made money in the most ridiculous ways. They splashed it in our faces, lived the high life, attracted all the good and bad attention and left immediately after- refer to the unending tales of Bad black, Meddie Ssentongo, Mike Ezra, Zari, Ivan Ssemwanga etc.

Then suddenly we have a humble couple that has worked hard for its fame and fortune and all we can do is criticise their lifestyle as if that is all that matters? If this couple has decided to stay true to who they are, then that should be their business, wouldn’t you think so?

If the wife to a gold medalist chooses to sit in a limousine offered to pick her up, in rags, a suit with sneakers or a flashy dress, then so be it. After all, does it change the fact that her husband won the gold? Especially if the two people in question are happy with this whole arrangement?
While Kim Kardashian is still stuck indoors working on her post baby figure (after delivery), the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, looked simple, elegant and real as she showed off her son a few days after delivery. But does it change the fact that she is the Duchess of Cambridge and her simple self is just the true her?

I think we need to pay attention to what matters and stop finding every small reason to criticise the world and everyone who lives in it.
I actually applaud Ms Kiprotich for staying true to who she really is. I mean, if you are going to do something, do it because it suits you not because the world dictates so. I do not think any of us who has accorded themselves the responsibility of criticising her, based on not sticking to her makeover would have done so if she was just a mere wife to a prison warden.

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