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The track :TROUBLE – NAVIO



This is vintage Navio, good old Navio in his fiery corrosive element, like sodium, in the periodic table. Here is an urban, contemporary hip-hop effort that exudes class on several spheres that you may want to consider. There is the suave and catchy rap rhymes that make Navio’s flow on the song, coming up with a rap song that is as pleasurable to listen to on the chorus as it is on the rap verses. And there is the apt production style, which designs a drum beat so un-accustomed to hip-hop endeavours, and yet so perfectly tuned to make you dance and bob along.

Navio is rapping about a subject of his infatuation, singing of why he acutely needs to get in touch with her, lest there is trouble when he goes crazy. He then invites her to call him so the two can get into trouble together. No prizes for guessing what he is up to there, especially as he throws in some mischievous lyrics like, “I’ll police your hips like Interpol.”
It is a good effort from Navio, a reminder of just how good he can get, and a fine testament of this country’s potential on the urban contemporary circuit.

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