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Chandiru not happy with people speculating on her health condition



Singer Jackie Chandiru is set for on an Australian tour come next month. The news comes in at a time when some sections of the public are circulating rumours that Chandiru’s health is in a miserable state. They are based on a recent development that Jackie has a heart complication and is due for surgery in India.

However, after a long silence, Jackie decided to say something about her health. She denied rumours that she can no longer perform. She also denied that she will be traveling to India.
“…Yes, there is a health issue but a lot has to be determined and I still have medical queries. That’s what it is now.” Jackie wrote before making it clear that she has not yet considered a heart surgery, although she concedes that it will only come in as a last resort. “No sane person can accept an open heart surgery just like that. Surgery should be the last resort but all other options must be exhausted first.”

Jackie advised rumour mongers to mind their business and leave her life out of their gossip. “I kindly request this speculation to stop. Everyone seems to be making assumptions and I don’t like assumptions. Do not create a platform for people to have discussions about my life and health, let alone finances, of which some comments are just not suitable. It’s a simple request.”

Jackie concluded her post by indicating that the speculations are causing her and her family so much discomfort. “You will have an official release or statement at the right time,” she promised.
All the best, Jackie.

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