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Fashion Tip : OXFORD SHOES

 Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes

They are more than just formal

These are one of the latest vintage items to make a comeback in the world of fashion. These classy shoes were originally worn by men, and first made an appearance in the 1800’s.
They have been altered to fit into the women’s clothing, but that doesn’t stop them from having that masculine look. That is purposely why one needs to choose how they wear them carefully.

Oxford shoes are not only a great way to step out stylishly without having to hustle with the strain of wearing high heels, they are also very elegant. They are also very versatile and one can pull off any look with them. They can be worn with denim, cropped pants, cuffed jeans and even skirts.

The new Oxfords, particularly those worn by women are availed in a number of designs, including the printed ones, the quarter brogue, the full brogue, and the floral oxfords taking centre stage.

The easiest way to style these shoes for the women is by wearing them with jeans. The cuffed jeans or those cut right above the ankle would work best here, because then you are able to show off the shoes.

Alternatively, you could choose to wear your Oxfords with a printed item like a skirt or shorts. However, avoid wearing the prints on top and bottom. So if you choose a printed skirt, ensure that the top, and the Oxford shoes are neutral.
The biggest fashion blunder many people make when wearing Oxfords is choosing to wear them with socks. These shoes are primarily made to show off the ankles, so do not at any one point wear them with socks.

For the men, these shoes work best when worn with a low cut pants suit, particularly the stripped suits. You can however still pull of the look with casual pants, Polo T-shirt and sweater or even with shorts.


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