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A Golden top and golden bangles make you look bold.

A Golden top and golden bangles make you look bold.

Brings out the toughness in you.

Metallic fashion is one sphere where few would dare to go, and many blunder when they attempt it. Although metallic clothing is quite stylish, and able to be worn by both men and women, it also very easy to go wrong.

The main trick in wearing metallic clothing is by wearing one metallic item in your attire. Keep the metallic items simple and understated. You can wear the metallic fashion in many ways, from tops, skirts, dresses, to tights. For instance, you could wear a metallic blouse and opt for material pants. The less metallic, the better.

You could also choose to carry a metallic purse to complete your jeans and chiffon blouse look. Do not wear the metallic look all through your attire.
It would also be wise to wear the metallic in neutral colours like sparkly nudes, bronzes, silver, and gold.

Since the metallic item is bound to be very emphasised, it would be wise to keep the other item in your attire, plain and neutral. You can, for instance, wear a silver coloured metallic blouse on plain white jeans. Wearing your metallic item with another busy item, makes the entire look very busy, and tiring to look at. Strive to ensure that your metallic item balances well with the rest of the items in your outfit. Keep the accessories especially the jewellery, simple and precise.

You could also spice up the look by wearing metallic make up. Silver and bronze, particularly work best, especially with the smoky eye kind of makeup.
For the guys, you could try out the metallic fashion trend with jackets, particularly, if you intend to pull off a casual smart look, stylishly. You can also wear the metallic accessories like caps and shoes.


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