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The DVD: Follow the stars home

Follow the stars home

Follow the stars home

From the discomfort that comes with carrying a baby for nine months to changing diapers, motherhood even with all its rewards is challenging. And yet it only worsens if you mother a child with disability. If given an option of knowing about the disability prior to the delivery time, some mothers would terminate the pregnancy.

But not Dianne Parker (Kimberly Williams) who insisted on giving birth to Julia (Amanda and Caitlin Fein) even though her life expectancy was only about five months. Dianne’s instincts tell her Julia will be a star, so she decided to keep her even when her husband threatened to leave her. It is such a sweet movie that is very believable. It tells many mothers’ stories even though there’s no mention if it is based on a true story. You will love this is one, and if you are emotional, get tissue before watching it.

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