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Masembe’s love for trees almost gets him lynched

Trees that almost got Masembe lynched

Trees that almost got Masembe lynched

There was drama as tree-cutters involved My Kid is a Super Star boss Joseph Masembe in a running battle for his life in Entebbe earlier this week. It all started when Masembe who was on his way to clear his goodies for the upcoming Superstar Kids Green Festival noticed a group of men cutting down trees off the shores of L. Victoria near Sese Gate way and Gukina Beaches.

Masembe got concerned and decided to approach the men and find out why they were cutting down trees. “I also wanted to know who had authorised such an act that was detrimental to our environment. These trees that have been cut are older than most of our fathers. And to see trucks ferrying timber in the heart if Entebbe is an abomination to nature, humanity and our environment,”  said a concerned Masembe.

“The men directed me to their boss who asked me who I was and after introducing myself, he asked me why I couldn’t mind my business. I told him I was a concerned Ugandan! He then told the men that I was out to fail them earn a living, they chased me away with their tools and I ran for dear life,” Masembe told us.

“I’ve already engaged authorities in Nema to explain the course of action in this particular area. I also want permission to lead my green army of Super Star kids to go and replant trees in the same place after the Super Star Green Festival on August 25.” Over to you Nema and other authorities!

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