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The track : Kiboko – Amani ft. Radio & Weasel



Well blended. Well gelled. A perfect combination. The two boys have collaborated with female artistes before, and the results have varied; there was the crappy utterly despicable Pollination, which featured the Obsessions girls. And there were such pleasurable sounds as Fitting with Desire Luzinda, and the lovely Where you Are with the Blu3 girls. This is in that league.

The synchronicity on this song is in the tasteful way Amani and Radio’s voices, their very consumable tenors, gel and complement each other. But maybe you sense that Radio should have had more airtime on the song, say a full verse to himself. This is because you do not really feel his influence the way you usually do on this song.

You also cannot miss to highlight the superior quality of the Ogopa Deejays production on this song, in the different sound that shifts the feel of the beat to match a specific stage in the song, instead of a long dry humdrum drumbeat. It is a nice East African effort that rotates around the love theme where a lover likens their loved one to a whip (you wonder what the bollocks for). It is a song that should command a following in both Nairobi and Kampala, and other East African capitals for that matter.

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