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Holiday engagement

Holiday engagement

Like is the case with many female 30-year-olds, Hillary Burns (Bonnie Somerville) is constantly being reminded by her mother Meredith (Shelley Long)  about her ticking clock and the need to get married preferably to a rich guy. And yet her love life only continues taking one bad turn after another. Even though she tries to ignore it, her workaholic lawyer boyfriend clearly has no time for her or any other woman. Before long, it takes a turn for the worse and she is dumped just before the Thanksgiving weekend. She had however promised her mother that her family would meet her boyfriend that weekend. She decides to go shopping for a boyfriend for hire online. This is a good romantic comedy. It is warm especially because of the perfectly captured thanksgiving mood. It will make you yearn for Christmas. It is a nice one to watch with family members over coffee.

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