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I’m famous because of Golola – Mugula

Golola  & Mugula

Golola & Mugula

After Ronald Mugula went and trained with Moses Golola ahead of the latter’s recent fight, it was evident that the two kickboxers had a serious bonding. Yet several people have continued to send messages to Ronald Mugula’s inbox, demeaning and dissing Moses Golola. Even when Mugula came out during a recent interview in Sqoop Magazine and declared his respect for Golola, the fighter says people still went ahead to send him messages dissing Golola.

And earlier this week, Mugula decided to send out a message to everyone out to insult Golola.
“Please this is from the bottom of my heart. If you are one of my fans, please you should respect Golola Moses and not insult him in my inbox! Reason; Golola is the match maker of Mugula and all kickboxers. If it wasn’t for Golola, you would not know me.”

On the other hand, Golola dared anyone to try and step in his shoes for just one day in a Facebook post. “Ba people bangi (many people) talk about Golola Moses from A-Z, naye (but) I wish one of you could be me just for one day, you would see!”

Enough said, Golola, you have bragging rights until you face Tugume in the ring soon!

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