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CONNIE’S TIFFS: Hijjacking a kids’ party

Hijjacking a kids’ party

Hijjacking a kids’ party

Life today can be very spontaneous. One can never know what to expect or when to expect anything since most things can take to any direction when you least expect it. I mean just the other day; I was invited to attend a kid’s birthday party. This little cutie was making four years and I really had to be there.

So you know how dem days kids’ birthday parties meant that the children were the VIPs so the more friends the birthday child got, the better? Trust me to tag along with my two nieces in the same “dem days” spirit, complete with a couple of gifts and birthday party accessories.

To my utter shock, when me and my gangoz got to the venue, I was surprised to see more adults than the children. Even the parents had simply showed up solo without anything like an item to match the “child birthday theme”. Eeeish… it even got worse when there was more adult stuff than the kids stuff.

Meaning, lots of alcohol, nyama choma, entertainment (forget those cute rhymes that entertain kids) name it. I was so disappointed and immediately looked at my two little gangoz and felt for them. The birthday kid too, looked miserable as dad and mom, jazzed with their guests, and only thought about the child when it was time to cut the cake.

I was so bitter and excused myself since I had to compensate for the “wasted time” by getting my nieces another worthwhile treat.  Now, I wonder what happened to soft drinks, ice cream, bouncing castles, popcorn, biscuits, and other kids’ treats at a kids’ birthday. Aren’t some parents losing it under the so called “modern” umbrella? And why are such people so selfish that they cannot spare just one day and stick to the core reason? With all the days that this couple have at their disposal to party and host such kinds of parties, they had to wait for the child’s birthday to please their friends as opposed to their own child?

I was very disappointed and even wondered why such people had the child in the first place. Without a doubt, it is such people that ruin the whole “parenting experience” and in the end have themselves to blame when kids adopt vices.

One should always know not to mix adult’s fun on a kid’s activity. If it’s a kid is turning four, then do what suits a four year old, instead of taking the opportunity to catch up on lost time with friends as if any of them even have the slightest idea of what it takes to get that child through every phase there is. Me’hnn I was embarrassed on behalf of this couple, eh! I couldn’t brush off the fact that they probably missed a stage while growing up, oba?

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