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Greenhalgh into supporting soccer, has new child



News coming in is that David Greenhalgh, the Briton behind former socialites  Sharrifa Naumyimba and Meddie Ssentongo’s current prison sentences over embezzling his money is investing in Ugandan football!

Greenhagh was unveiled as a new director of Kigezi Good Samaritan FC (KGS FC) that trains in Nyanama, a Kampala surburb. Our people on ground told us that Greenhalgh donated items worth Shs5m.

We also gathered info that as Greenhalgh was unveiled to the team members, he was escorted by Janet Apuyo, the girl he turned up with in court sometime last year and introduced her as his new girlfriend.

But while many people didn’t take Greenhalgh serious back then, we were shocked to see Apuyo carrying a white baby that she claimed was Greenhalgh’s.
And on hearing this, people started sending facebook messages to Bad Black, whose whereabouts are still a mystery ever since she was granted bail.

In response, Bad Black posted new photos showing her in an upclass bar before she posted. “I believe in ma self, that’s why I am always successful in everything; I luv you David Greenhalgh; can’t wait to see you!!”
The post left us confused on whether Greenhalgh and Black are still an item, but that will be an issue to discuss in our next story!

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