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Good Lyfe bag several millions as phone brand ambassadors

Radio and weasel

Radio and weasel

Just last week, Radio and Weasel revealed that they had bagged more than Shs150m for their upcoming Obudde album launch concert. And a week later, the duo is still bagging millions of shillings! Earlier this week, Nokia became the latest sponsor for Radio and Weasel’s upcoming Obudde album launch.

But Nokia will not just be sponsoring the launch; the international mobile phone manufacturers chose Radio and Weasel to represent and promote their brand new Nokia Lumia 920 smart phones allover Africa.

According to sources within the Good Lyfe camp, the duo is said to have bagged $20,000 (about Shs52m) for the deal. The duo also received five brand new Nokia Lumia 920 phones valued at about Shs12m.

Radio and Weasel’s Magnetic hit became the ringtone anthem for Africa Magnetic, the theme for the new Nokia Lumia 920 promotion allover Africa.
The Good Lyfe duo kicks off their new responsibilities immediately. Mowzey and Weasel will be promoting the Nokia Lumia 920 phones at activations in Zanzibar this weekend. The duo is also expected to go to South Africa before they roll out with a back to back promotion plan after their album launch due on May 10 at Hotel Africana.
Congs Mowzey and Weasel!

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