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Date with a celeb : Niki nola meets fan Betty Nazziwa

Niki Nola and his fan Betty Nazziwa discuss his music career.   PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Niki Nola and his fan Betty Nazziwa discuss his music career. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Hi Niki Nola nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too. Can I please get to know your name and what you do?

My name is Betty Nazziwa, a lab technician at Sarec Medicare consultancy.
When did you start singing?
I started singing in 1997 while still in Primary Seven but professionally, I started in my Senior One, that is 1998.

If you started singing 16 years ago, how old are you now?
That’s a good one. Anyway I’m making 28 on July 5.

What is your real name?
I was born Tatambuka Nicholas Nsiime.

How did you come up with the name Niki Nola?
Just play around with the letters in my names and you’ll get your answer.

How did you realise you wanted to become a musician?
Back then, I used to imitate many artists like Usher, Ginuwine, Michael Jackson, R.Kelly and I actually sounded like most of them so a thought crossed my mind that if I could sound like many artists then I can actually become an artist myself. So the artist in me was born.

Apart from music, what else do you do?
I’m an ambassador for a company called UG Pulse. I’m their face and I’m signed to them. They cater for my career as I cater for their brand. I’m also a basketball player. I play during the Friday Night Lights.

How does it feel being talented at both music and basketball?
I’m so blessed and I thank God for that. You know getting to the top is easy but maintaining that top slot is the most complicated thing. God always has a plan and my script was to do both and I give my all to Him for that.

According to your posts on Facebook, you seem to like God so much, what has he given you to be in that situation, and what is you religion?
I’ m a Christian who loves his God so much, and I believe the world can be changed through music.

Do you have any gospel song?
I have four gospel songs so far titled I Know, Take my hand, Send me and Njyagala ngabwoli. But I still haven’t commercialised them completely.

I’ve been listening to your music for a very longtime but I failed to identify your style. What type of music do you do and why that style?
I do a blend of RnB, Hip Hop, Zouk and Afro beat. Why, because I don’t want to be addicted to one style. It gets boring but if you are versatile, then the fans will appreciate you more. So I want to give my fans the best.

Which is better, life as a celebrity or life as Nicholas Nsiime?
Both lives are a part of me because I’ve been a celebrity all my life. I used to represent my school on certain school shows and was always looked at as someone different. I live life normally.

Which artists do you listen too?
Locally, it’s Radio and Weasel, Nandujja, Maurice Kirya, Benon, Vampino, Navio, Baboon Forest, Chameleone and internationally, I listen to Usher, Chris Brown, Jay Z, Nas, Talib Kweli, Trey Songz, Don Moen and many more.

What are some of the challenges you face in the music industry?
People’s judgment inconveniences our stay in the music industry most times. For example I’m signed to a record label. It has plans, and rules and regulations so if they refuse me to perform at concerts and give me a certain period to release a new song, the media lists me as a fading artist and so do the fans.

What was your role in the “Black yellow red” song?
It was a Niki Nola project that had atists like Cindy, Viboyo, Michael Ross, Jackie Akello, MunG and Big Trill among others.

What are you future plans?
I’ve been organising for the release of my album for the last three years and I believe this is the time to have it out. It has artists of different genres like Vampino, GNL Zamba, Jamal, Roberto from Zambia, different producers form different studios like Benon, Just Jose, Washington, Kiwuuwa, Allan, Young Pulse and a Frenchman based in the US, among others.

Thank you very much for this opportunity Niki Nola.
Thank you to for the support.

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