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Private number – Coco finger

Coco finger

Coco finger

On the eighth day, God said let there be human vibration and guess what, Coco Finger was created. Private Number begins with Coco Finger receiving a phone call from a private number. After the phone rings, Coco Finger goes straight into his body vibrations. He is the centre of attraction in this video shot by Josh the Fixer.  He is entertaining and energetic, so energetic that he could lift the bulky bodyguard standing by his side.

This music video focuses much on the artiste, giving him that star-image.  The close-up shots make it a wonderful video. The most attractive part of this music video is the monkey-style dance. Coco Finger and his dancer look like real monkeys as they perform this dance stroke. It would have been fun if someone threw a banana at them to complete the monkey stunts.
Camera movement in Private Number is impressive. The attires are straight on point, not so classy but not so dull. They just match the personalities in the video. The music video won’t leave you stuck on your chair, it propels you to the dance floor.

However, one gets this feeling that the storyline was not well executed. There should have been an illustration of what goes behind the scenes as someone calls from a private number. We ought to have seen those lies in the visual sense. The colour and lighting would have been great though but the smoke effect brought about some blurring and dimming.
Private Number is one music video that has the energy, entertainment and a new dance stroke – the monkey style. I give it a 7 out of 10.

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