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“Jackie will be fine” Counsel Caleb Alaka is not very happy with one of the tabloids for allegedly writing a story about his love, singer Jackie Chandiru’s health and indicating that he (Alaka) had neglected the singer. In a quite heavily worded statement, Alaka attacked a tabloid for also calling him a class C lawyer.

Alaka went as far as listing for all and sundry all his works! Then about Jackie, Alaka said “I did not and have not abandoned Jackie. I am not so inhuman to do that.” Well, all this started when Jackie developed an abrupt sickness and requested to be taken to hospital while at a Women’s Day event at Garden city. It was later reported that Jackie had a heart problem and was in danger! However, last week, Jackie’s manager Julie Erusa, got back to us and told us that Jackie is doing well.

Julie told us that it is true Jackie was diagnosed with a heart problem and she is still undergoing tests at the Heart Institute but she is now fine. She can perform and she will still put up that energetic performance.” Erusa however told us, that when all tests are done, the doctors will tell Jackie what the next step will be. “We are not yet sure if she (Jackie) will have to go for a heart operation or she will be ruled out of any sort of danger. That’s after all tests are done and the doctors will give us a final word.” Sqoop got you in our prayers Jackie; may God see you through this moment!

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