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Crackers, crack into two



A few weeks ago, we told you that the Crackers Comedy group had split but later made up! Well, we recently learnt that after their reunion meeting, some of the group members sat at Laftaz Comedy Lounge in Centenary Park and insisted they would not return to Theatre La Bonita!

As such, the group that chose to stay at Laftaz followed former Crackers manager, Jonathan Kyeyo. The group retained the original Crackers name.

The group that chose to perform at Theatre La Bonita was led by Crackers CEO Patrick Idringi Salvado and changed from Crackers to Krackers which begins with a ‘K.’

The Crackers now comprises of Dolibondo, Kelekele, Emmanuel Sebakigye, Cotilda and Prince Emah. The Krackers, on the other hand, consists of Salvado, Alex Muhangi, Daniel Omara aka Odoch, Dikanio and Omukebete! The Crackers hold their weekly shows at Laftaz every Tuesday while the Krackers still perform at Theatre La Bonita every Wednesday.

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