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Zari turns heads with Lambo, names it Mercy

After the break-up with fiancé Ivan Ssemwanga, socialite Zari did not have many stories about luxuries. For The few times she was seen hanging out during that period, she did not have bouncers, and she also did not order for expensive whisky.

But since she re-united with her fiancé, life has steadily changed. When we wrote that Ivan had bought Zari a Lamborghini Aventador, some people thought we were out of our minds, “It’s all just talk, even Mike Ezra promised to bring a Lamborghini,” said one of our readers.

But unlike Mike Ezra’s that we have never seen, Zari’s Lamborghini came in a week after we had published the story. Unfortunately, the Lambo as Zari prefers to call it, did not make it in time for Zari’s White Party she hosted at Guvnor last Thursday, but it arrived a day later and Zari got heads turning as she cruised in her new ride along the Ange Noir stretch in Industrial Area. Several people gathered around the car and stared all night. It was a similar scenario the following day when Zari parked her new toy at her shop at Garden City. The Lamborghini Aventador goes for about $376,000 (over Sh1bn) before tax!

It’s also the same type of car that international reality show star Kim Kardashian gave the car to boyfriend rapper Kanye West on his birthday this year. Well, earlier this week, Zari got a name for her new ride, “Mercy” is the name for Zari’s Lambo! Maybe she means Ivan had mercy upon her by taking her back, even when she had been linked to another man around town. Besides, the car carries Ivan’s name on the private license plates.

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