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Fashion tip : Wearing Leather

Leather dress

Leather dress

Ugandan weather does not favour wearing leather, but it is one fashion item many people love. Here is how to rock it without looking like a boda boda man.

I  live by the mantra that Ugandan weather for the most part is unsuitable to wear leather in. That is aside from shoes and bags. Not like I had a terrible experience with leather really, I just saw a person who did. It was one of the villains in George of the Jungle, and I made up my mind not to even attempt leather as long as I am in an even remotely hot place.

But apparently, not everyone watched George of the Jungle, or was so young and impressionable when they were watching. Or maybe some people just don’t care. For some weather doesn’t matter as we we have seen people wear what resembles mink in this weather during the day, just because some US rapper posed in it.

You see people wearing leather here and there. The boda boda riders seem to be claiming it as their signature wear, probably borrowing from the bikers who have simply owned the leather jacket. During the Christmas season, I saw a girl in a leather dress. A little gathered affair and she didn’t look half bad. This at least gives some hope that there are times leather can just work. Also, as I said, people are wearing it anyway, so sooner or later it may catch on. How do you wear it without ending up like the George of the Jungle dude?

Mind time of day: This girl had worn her dress in the evening, one of the cooler ones this city has seen. I think you are more likely to look and feel comfortable in leather in the evenings and at night.
The chillier the better: And this includes those leather jackets by the way, unless you are a boda boda or biker in which case, you can do pretty much what you want.

It is better outdoors: Wearing leather to outdoor events is both a style statement as well as keeping you warm. If it is indoors, could you at least make sure there is proper air conditioning first?

Colour: It may come as a surprise for most of you but leather does come in other colours. Tan (brown to you whose knowledge of colour ends at the colour wheel. Wake up to a world where mocha is a colour not just a coffee flavour!) There is also white, off white and pinks. Light colours may work for day look if the temperatures are not sweltering. Treat red leather as black, to be worn at night.

Weight:  Often, leather is lined with sheepskin or some other other material to make it warmer. Steer clear of this. You can pull off leather made for lighter climates or months, with light lining like polyester.

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