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Nanny Dairies

Nanny Dairies

When you end up with good ones – nannies are helpful. Even then, many people like to treat them like trash. Sometimes it doesn’t matter even when those they are looking after – the children warm up to them. In the beginning they take in all the crap without complaining, at least not audibly.

But since they are human beings, they are bound to get fed up. What and after how long nanny Annie (Scarlett Johannson) gets fed up and loses it is the only interesting thing about this movie. The acting is good but the plot is too predictable to notice that.

Since this movie is older than The Help, it seems the latter’s producers copied Nanny Diaries and it deserves a little credit because of that. But still The Help is a much better movie that you can’t help comparing with this one as you watch. Watch The Help instead!

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