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Bad black releases first single

Bad Black

Bad Black

City socialite Bad Black was finally released on bail from Luzira prison last week. Bad Black who maintained she had seen the light and had devoted her life to Christ, immediately visited a few TV stations over the weekend to tell her story. Her story is a long one, but we picked a few bits that we thought you would love to know! For starters, although she decided to turn to God, Bad Black revealed that she is joining the music industry and she would like to work with new kid on the block Young Mulo and Jose Chameleone.

Black also dismissed rumours that certain people had fundraised the Shs100m for her bail. “No one fundraised money for my release. I got the Shs100m from the father of my second child, he is also a white man!”

And talking about children, Bad Black gave us the news about who the father of her five-months old baby is. “I lied that my baby was Greenhalgh’s but the true father is Sepuya!” the TV host at this moment took off time and insisted to know which Sepuya Black was talking about; “the Cranes player, Eugene Ssepuya is the father of my baby!”

Black’s revelation, however, didn’t go down well with Sepuya who immediately launched a verbal attack on Black on Facebook distancing himself from Black and the baby.
As the drama unfolded, Black released her first single titled Nkyamuka on Monday. The song received thousands of hits in matter of hours on Youtube but it was received with mixed reactions. Some people gave her thumbs up while others said she had “defiled the music industry.”

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